Why we must manage our budget ?

why needs to follow-up
and measure future expenses.
Life are very dynamic and it’s easy for us to buy without need of controlling our self.
but can we afford spending money without control ?

Why we needs to manage our home budget ?
i have no doubt that it’s more easy to give our children everything  they request. but we must ask ourselves, can we afford to spend money for that purpose? We have to examine once a month what is our balance in the bank and see if it is ok to buy it or wait till we see that its ok to buy.
so if we accumulating data once a week or at least once per month about our expenses we can see exactly where the money goes. and where we can make an effort and cut the expense such as electricity, telephone, Property tax.
the best is to examine our bank account balance once a week and make the necessary adjustments before we go for shopping.
And so at the end we will have monthly accumulative about 30 movements to the family that they about 7 Movements per week
Registering 7 to 10 movements in the computer does not take  more than 15 minutes per week.
Once a month we will take an hour to finish registering the remainder of the accounts In the computer of all the monthly movements.
The fluent registering in the computer over time will give us picture and ability to receive
Decisions and courses according to real data
How manage the budget?
Previous must collect an information
Advisable of course to register all expense in the notepad forthwith with her formation
Or to collect receipts and break to the concentrated place and once a week to pass one
One and to register the expenses in the computer
The expenses in the computer opposite data from different sources Such as : The reports of the bank, my report of credit cards, and break or different receipts
How much time needs to invest in the management of accounts?
In my opinion half hour per week to the average family should be enough