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Tips on how to get more for your money

Alladin’s Tips is dedicated helping you make smart decisions with your money. The goal of this site is simply to provide some great content through articles that help you save money. We cover topics such as family budgeting, debt reduction, saving and smart consumerism.

About me

i am a database designer
i designed  home budget tracker software to control home and family funds

this is a utility software that helps people organizes their expenses so they can control their finance movements.
i am  considering myself as an intelligent consumer and i think every one have to be smart consumer to make more results from what you have.
just pay attention to small things that can save you a lot of money.
it is a pity not to take something that you just have to ask and save money.

on some areas were is a competition, why not take advantage from it.
if you don’t request a better offer you will pay the regular price which some times double from the price that this service is sold to others.

sometime you even have to threaten that you going to the competitor. so they give you much better offer. what i am pointing is   that nothing goes by itself, you need to be aware of so if you read tips you will be aware and take an act that will save you money. and it can be many small things that accumulate to big money and can make the difference between positive balance in your bank account or negative.