What to Look for When Buying a Spring Loaded Money Clip

There are a few things to look for when buying a spring loaded money clip. The first is whether the spring is tight enough to hold the bills securely. When buying a money clip, test the springs by placing money inside the clip.

Even if one bill is in the money clip, it should be strong enough to hold it. A spring loaded money clip should not be too tight, however. It should allow a person to pull money from it easily. There are many poorly made money clips out there, so testing it before purchasing it is a good idea.

When buying a spring loaded money clip, make sure that the clip is not rusted or bent in any way. This could cause bills to fall out of the clip. If the bills are not held securely, then a person could lose a lot of money. If the clip has a leather cover, make sure the cover is long enough to protect the bills from being seen. A spring loaded money clip can break at any time if it is not made properly. At the first sign of malfunction, take the money clip back to the store or buy a new one. Even if there is a leather cover protecting the money, the money clip will have to be fixed.

A spring loaded money clip is the most popular type of money clip because it is supposed to hold money in place securely. If a person examines a few money clips, they will see the difference between a good money clip and a bad spring loaded money clip. Invest wisely in a money clip that will do its job and protect money that is placed inside. Many people enjoy using a money clip instead of a wallet because wallets can become too full.

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