An Understated Silver Money Clip

As far as precious metals go, silver sometimes gets shorted in the court of desirability. A great deal of the reason for this is the fact that silver is greatly overshadowed by gold and, to a lesser degree, to platinum as well.

In a way, the popularity of platinum exceeding silver in the eyes of some people may be the fault of those in the recording industry. After all, a successful CD is either certified either gold or platinum. There are no “silver albums.” Then again, Hollywood is still cranking out werewolf films and they do a tremendous benefit for popularizing silver, but, ultimately, the fact that silver is a precious metal that is valuable and desired by many. This is why it is fitting that a silver money clip is utilized by many.

In a way, a silver money clip draws its desirability from the fact that it is understated as opposed to being as demonstrative as a gold money clip may be. Silver is not a precious metal that ‘brandishes’ well so it does not come off as gaudy as gold may appear in certain circumstances. Plus, certain designs have an excellent look molded from silver. The moon, for example, can make a great design for a silver money clip. Again, one can thank the classic werewolf films for that imagery. (Actually, a wolf’s head silver money clip could be interesting as well)

Under certain circumstances, understated is the wise choice. In a formal situation that requires a professional appearance, anything considered loud or clichéd is wisely avoided. Now, this is not to say that other precious metals are unilaterally gaudy or loud, but silver is generally difficult to motivate an absurd look. So, if one is looking for a money clip that is decidedly understated, then a silver money clip just might be the proper way to go.

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