Impress with a Gold Hinged Money Clip

Astute fans of Caribbean history have surely heard the legend of El Dorado. When the Spanish colonizers reached the Caribbean, they were in search of one thing: gold.

This search essentially led them off the Caribbean islands and onto the North American mainland where they looked high and low for the famous lost city of gold and a mythic native who was covered in gold dust known as El Dorado.

As history has shown us, the colonizers never did find that city of gold. History has also shown us that the love and search for gold has existed all throughout history and continues to drive people’s motivations even to this day. This is also why gold jewelry remains popular: people are enamored with gold items.

This is why it is not surprising that one of the most impressive money clips is the gold hinged money clip. To put it mildly, a gold hinged money clip is an impressive sight to behold. There is good reason for this, a gold hinged money clip can very easily attract someone’s attention because it is an incredibly extravagant and awe inspiring item. When one pulls out a 14k solid gold money clip, people are going to take notice.

This is not to say that one purchases a gold hinged money clip in order to impress people without rhyme or reason. Attempts to impress people should follow a calculated logic and not as a means of replacing other less ‘worldly’ ways of impressing people. That is, using a gold hinged money clip to impress a potential employee would be a wise way of using the clip as a method to impress. Displaying the gold hinged money clip at on a street corner at 3am, however, may not exactly be the right time to impress people with it. It may impress some random passersby, but it could result in the wallet getting fleeced!

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